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Kya who came into the Haven on December 7, 2015.
She was a stray from the North Bay area. Kya is approximately 12 years old and has osteosarcoma. She likes to play ball but has not learnt to give the ball back yet. She will walk into the house with it still in her mouth and not give it up until a good time has passed. She loves running around the yard with the other dogs, greeting visitors and getting cuddles.

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Prince came into the Haven on October 23, 2015 from the Oakville and District Humane Society.
Prince is a 16 year old Shih Tzu who is blind and deaf. This has not stopped him from figuring out our home and yard. He manages the stairs to the yard very well and will find them most of the time when he wants back in. He is a happy little dog who will bark along with the other dogs and wag his tail.

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Joe Cocker was a stray from the Niagara Falls area. Other than needing dental and being nearly blind, he was healthy and we thought it would be good for him to have his own forever home. Joe found Mary, the best soul ever to adopt him. He not only had Mary but a wonderful extended family. Unfortunately Joe Cocker was diagnosed with cancer and passed on, in Mary’s loving arms on April 17, 2015. Our hearts, prayers and tears are with Mary and her family at this difficult time.

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We lost our sweet Carlton Snoop Dawg last weekend. We had been fostering him since July 2013 for Big on Beagles. Marna could not have said it better;

Our Carlton. Our funny, bow-legged beagle from Ottawa, still so young at approximately 10 years old, could no longer carry himself on those wonky legs. He was our Tiny Tim. We wanted to fix him but we couldn’t in the end.
And now his little spot on his favourite blanket at Sheba’s Haven is empty. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we want.

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Jerry Maguire
JThe day you hope will never come, came today. We kissed our Jerry Maguire for the last time; he went so peacefully. Jerry came to us on October 9, 2010; we were fostering him for Big on Beagles. I appreciate the special tribute Marna, founder of Big on Beagles has written about our Jerry.

He wasn’t exactly a football star. Never enough meat on the boy to be a Quarterback. He preferred the sidelines, cheering on the team while sitting on the lap of one of his many admirers while gulping down a ballpark frank…if he could get his paws on one.

Jerry was scooped up off the streets near Belleville by the folks at the Quinte Humane Society exactly 5 years ago. He instantly won their hearts. Jerry had a way with that, despite his fish breath. He had an effortless way with making you fall in love with him, plain and simple. Maybe it’s partly in the way he would crawl into your arms while purring like a kitten. Maybe it was in the way he trusted you completely within seconds of meeting you. Maybe it was just those eyes.

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Yukon was an old soul when he came to us in the spring of 2014. He enjoyed investigating the back yard and liked watching the world go by in the front yard. Yukon passed on, gently, with Bill and I by his side.

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We lost our Toula last week. Her body just finally gave out since her diagnosis May 2014 at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto. They found spots on her spleen which they assumed was tumors. Since her liver was a quarter of its normal size it was not feasible to do any type of surgery to confirm.

Toula came to us on 28 September 2013 from the Burlington Animal Shelter. She had been a stray and they were thinking about 10 years old. Toula was always happy and very friendly. She would greet you at the door, her tail wagging. Always ready to play with a toy in her mouth as she bounced around you. There is definitely a void here at the Haven without our boisterous Toula.



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