Becoming a Foster Parent can help Sheba’s Haven Rescue to help another dog that needs to be saved. Sometimes, all that is needed is just having a home to place a dog or having a place for a dog that is in need of a quieter environment or more of a one-on-one situation.

Most of our rescues stay under the umbrella of The Haven and live out their lives here. Some require no special care, while others may need therapy, medications, and timetables like a diabetic, etc. We want to make sure we make a good match for you and the resident, and will look at all aspects to make this happen.

Sheba’s Haven takes care of the foster dog’s medical costs, including medications, supplements, and extended health care. If possible, we ask that you pay for food, treats, toys, etc. – items you may want your foster companion to have.

To foster, please complete the attached Foster Questionnaire and forward it to If you would like more information on fostering, please email me or call me at 613-353-6923.

After I receive your questionnaire, the following steps may be taken, if applicable:

• Telephone interview
• Veterinary reference check
• Meeting and home check
• Meeting with the potential foster companion
• Meeting between the potential foster companion and other animals in the home

foster questionnaire