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Alternative Health Care Therapies

Along with our veterinarian, Sheba’s Haven Rescue uses other modalities to help make our residents as comfortable as possible. This assists us with mobility, incontinence, stress, and nutritional problems that we frequently see here at the Haven.

Below is a list of modalities we have used. Some have a practitioner’s contact information, in case you are interested for your animal companion. For others, please contact the Haven.

Through our experience here at the Haven, the residents appear to indicate how much therapy they may want and when it is time to stop, whether by not eating anymore, because of the supplements added, or refusing to use the water treadmill by sitting down, for example.

Herbal Medicines

Plants and herbs were the first healing remedies. The use of specific herbs and plants for medicinal purposes has been practised for millennia all over the world. Herbs have healing powers that are capable of balancing the emotional, mental, and physical needs of animals. Wild animals, by instinct, came to know what plants would have healing properties for their bodies.

Massage and Hydrotherapy Wraps

Massage engages deliberate, manual manipulation of muscles, sinews, and joints of the body to improve elasticity, range of motion, and circulation. Massage works to relieve pain and to loosen general physical tension. It is a living experience where there is communication between the body of the animal and the hands of the therapist, resulting in the detection of pain, tension, and restriction. The hands then provide relaxation and relief, aiming to improve the animal’s health, emotionally and physically.

As a Certified Canine Massotherapist (CCM), I use massage and hydrotherapy wraps on the residents with arthritis and stress issues to help with pain and promote relaxation. Not all of our residents are able to enjoy this modality, as there are some conditions that can be adversely affected by massage therapy.

Rehabilitation and Fitness


In Kingston, we are fortunate to have Arlington Park Veterinary Services, Rehabilitation & Fitness Centre. They are a veterinary facility focused on rehabilitation and fitness for dogs and cats. “Our goal is to help your pet live a happier, longer life. We see patients for a variety of reasons, whether it be for rehabilitation, weight loss, athletic conditioning or just to have some fun in the water.” They treat Orthopedic Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia Fractures, etc. Please visit their website at www.kingstonanimalrehab.ca for more information.

Bach Flower Essences

Bach flower essences, which are dilutions of flower material, were developed by Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Bach discovered 38 flowers, each for a specific emotional and mental state, plus a combination of five flower essences, called Rescue Remedy, which was designed for difficult and demanding situations. I have been fortunate to attain my second level of Bach Flower Education. I am waiting on my Level 3 Practitioner course, as I am only interested in taking the Animal Practitioner Training. There are many Bach courses available but most are not approved by the Bach Centre, UK. The courses I have completed are approved and to receive the Animal Practioner Training Course, I need to wait until one is offered by them. In the meantime, I have applied what I have learned in my caring for the residents at the Haven.

Canine Prosthetic and Orthotic Services

One of our residents was in need of an orthotic to help increase his mobility for a better quality of life. We contacted Pawsability in Toronto and are very happy with the results. For more information on canine prosthetics and orthotics, visit their website at www.pawsability.ca.


Reiki, is a Japanese hands-on healing technique that reduces stress, induces relaxation, and heals the body. It is gentle and non-invasive, yet powerful, and works safely with other forms of healing, both conventional and holistic.

For your animal companions, Reiki given near or at the time of death can bring about emotional and spiritual healing for him and his human family, as well as acceptance and relief from pain and fear.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

IET is a hands-on healing therapy system for animals and people. This is a safe and gentle way of releasing energy blockages that can cause disease.¬¬¬¬¬

Animals have been known for their ability to detect disease in humans. They also serve as a conduit to absorb your pain and suffering. IET helps to relieve them of “excess baggage” taken on as part of their unconditional love for you!