Sheba’s Haven greatly appreciates its volunteers because by volunteering, you enhance the lives of our residents with your companionship. In return, their presence will make you smile and, as research has proven, will lower your blood pressure.

The Haven always has room for cuddlers, groomers and walkers. If you like to garden, we are in need of having our Meditation Garden designed.

If you have an idea to help raise money for the Haven or increase its public awareness, and might even like to take the lead in the project, please contact us.

The Haven needs volunteers to help at our ongoing bingo fundraiser at Community Spirit Bingo Hall. This consists of two hours of your time, helping the runners at the bingo hall by calling out the winners’ bingo cards and helping to keep the hall clean. The Haven always requests times during the day, Monday to Friday, and volunteers choose from the list of dates according to when they are available. If you feel you could give two hours of your time periodically, please contact the Haven and we can discuss when the next training session will be held.

If you would like to be a Sheba’s Haven volunteer, please complete the attached questionnaire and forward it to shebashaven@kingston.net.

volunteer questionnaire